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    Any SEO Recommendations?
    Can anyone recommend any good reading material. . .be they e-books, regular books, web sites, whatever. . .that relate to Search Engine Optimization? I think I'm going to really start hammering on this with my site. . .I'm really not into spending a ton of money at the moment (or probably ever), and SEO sounds like a very effective tool.

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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    This is a real good article: is great and they have an ebook you can buy and have lots of good information all in one place.

    And then there are also forums dedicated to SEO like -

    And we have some forums on it here too.

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    There are tons of materials on this topic, so perhaps some of the K.A. SEO types here can help you out with some recommendations.

    Another option is to align with a good SEO who is interested in performance based partnering. i.e. a percentage of ongoing sales versus hourly / project rate. If the SEO likes your product / service, sees it as having good potential, and is entrepreneurial, it can be a good way to go. I have such an arrangement and it is working out very well. Now have him working on several other projects on a percentage basis.

    Good luck with your project.
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    I am still a SEO newbie but I read that ALH mentions and the book is a great foundation for SEO. Full of great info and also a good resource.

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    Aaron Wall's SEO Book is a great start and well worth the investment.
    Forums, I would head over to WebMasterWorld and read through all the archives for the past few years, start building an extensive blog list to read at least once a week.

    One thing I will tell you - there are tricks and tips that I have never seen mentioned online, but only heard via face to face or private conversations with other SEOs. Networking is a big must in this industry, and if you want to grow I highly recommend it.

    What I don't recommend: paying way too much money for things like Google Cash or other ebooks that promise you rags to riches in 30 days. SEOBook is really good and is worth the $85 (last time I checked), but otherwise most of the material in other books is outdated or freely available.

    It's doable. It costs money, like any other business. But the returns are great :-)


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    The best SEO advice I've received has been from Matt Cutt's blog. He works for Google and frequently blogs and answers questions about all things Google.

    I get his RSS feed daily on my iGoogle page which makees it easy for me to keep up.

    Just search for Matt Cutt and Google and his blog should come up.

    Connie--who has been writing on deadline for a while (I sold my first book!) but now is back to try to figure out affiliate marketing

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    Matt is a good guy and his blog is useful.

    There are some SEOs that consider him the Google "Baghdad Bob"

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    1,561 I pick up some good tips from their newsletters now and then. They discuss not only SEO but lots of useability which is extremely under utilized in my opinion.

    I just got into AM but have a very successful website that is the leader in its market. We have a full time SEO staff that now spends lots of time on useability. Our thoughts have been that increasing traffic was nice but not if it diluted conversion. Our goal on that site is to increase both at the same time so our growth is sort of exponential.

    Some times we shoot ourselves in the foot with changes but recognize it quickly and test other calls to action. Our results have been great keeping a good balance on both areas at the same time.

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    If you want to buy a book or ebook I also like or read that blogstyle front page of his for good info but it is a bit highend sometimes.

    Most published paper books are out of date and just rehashed ideas by the time they make it to print. Lots of things are just gone by the time you read them.

    Free basic ideas are online and easily accessible. The basics will get you past 80% of business owners and even web designers.

    Unique title tags with your keywords.

    Carefully make a list of keywords that are not impossible.

    Good html design and web structuring.

    Have fun and learn a lot.

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    Do a search for whatever it is you want to rank for. See which sites come up first then look them over to see how they got there.

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