Perhaps this will encourage other popshops users: I bought a new domain yesterday, created an account for it on my VPS account, and put one single-column popshops display down the left-side menu. Then I put a "Featured Products" popshops 3x3 display in the center column of the template.

I had to quit for the evening. I did absolutely NO linking to the site, nothing to draw attention to it at all.

Looking at Google Adsense stats today -- I have had FIVE page views of the site today.

Hmm. OK, the "bad news" is -- 2 of the popshops displayed products are showing as "Not Available" right now.

But, hey, given how quickly I put the whole site together and had NO SEO, links, etc., five page views from somewhere in "mystery cyberspace" ain't bad.

FYI: I've found a nice combination for site-building using a free CMS called "Website Baker," plus popshops.