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    MSN Ads To Be Shown On + Partners
    "Small businesses that buy ads from Microsoft Office Live will see their search listings appear on Web sites operated by and its partners, in addition to Microsoft's Windows Live and sites."

    It says Microsoft Office Live but I think it's everybody's ads, if you have some thru Adcenter, was reading around and that seems to be the case, not 100% sure tho.

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    Ask (IAC) was born of adware, it's their history and legacy and their habit.

    Ask, formerly AskJeeves, is considered by most ppc experts as a second tier search engine (GYM comprising the 1st tier), albeit one of the leading 2nd tier engines.

    The Ask "partner" distribution (called search network and content network at G) is known to be a gaggle of adware players.

    MSFT is adding both: ad listings for --and-- ad listings within Ask's partner network.

    So the lines between 1st and 2nd tier continue to blur with MSFT pumping their ad inventory (their advertisers paid ads!) through Ask and Ask's partners.

    If you're currently advertising with both MSN and Ask, you'll be able to consolidate singular control into the MSN platform, good, saves you some time.

    But everyone else (that cares about ROI) will be mostly looking for the opt-out-of-adware-and-other-low-ROI-malware button within the MSN platform...

    Side-note for those who watch the details very closely...
    Anyone else think of this Nielsen/NetRatings story when they saw the "Ask teams up with MSN" story? Adware players now need to figure out how to fake more than just page views...

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