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    I'm livid. My purchase, needed ASAP, clicked on a friend's link and it showed up in his PFX account.

    It's a time sensitive purchase, made a week ago, needed ASAP - on the 11th. Got an email on the 12th saying it's on its way - and I paid extra for 2-day delivery.

    Never shipped, UPS never received it - and no love from Sears customer service. They said they'd put a tracer on it - UPS says they have not had a tracer or a shipment.

    This is NOT a merchant to promote for online ordering. There is no customer support.

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    After more hours on the phone, still no sign of a shipment. It is not the fault of UPS, they never received the package from Sears and it seems customer support can't do a thing about it and doesn't have a clue.

    I wouldn't dream of referring a customer to Sears for a purchase, if there's any problem the customer is just STUCK. This warrants a complaint to BBB, certainly not promoting them as an affiliate.

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    I'm sorry to hear you're having a problem with Sears. We own a Craftsman riding mower and have had nothing but aggravation with Sears just getting it tuned up each year. I won't go into the gory details but I will say that we will never, ever buy anything else from Sears and will be quite relieved when this mower dies so we can replace it with something from a company that gives a crap about its customers. I don't know why people shop there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhea
    I don't know why people shop there!
    They'll give credit to most anyone. Sears makes more money in credit interest than they do on their products.
    Although I did buy a washer and dryer from Sears when I bought this house, my past experiences with them any time I needed help have not been good.

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