I sent an email to one of my CJ merchants and received the following.
I am going to look into this issue to see what we can do about it. I appreciate your bringing this to my attention and I hope you will reconsider rejoining our program.


Traci Copeland
Marketing Director

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At the present time there is a movement by affilates to remove merchants who engage the use of ParasiteWare which results in commissions being redirected and stolen! We have removed you from our directory until such time that you present your postion on ParasiteWare! For more information I suggest you visit www.abestweb.com

With all due respect to CJ I do have some good merchants there and perhaps many do not have any idea about what is happening with their affiliates
Please bear in mind that CJ is one of the biggest networks and it is probably very hard to check on all merchants.
I believe it is up to us to inform both merchants and consumers about Parasiteware.
Anyone interested in taking a category at CJ and doing some email to merchants?

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