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    link redirectin for banner/image links?
    I am going through the process of cloaking my existing links/banners on my website...

    Thanks for all the good info on cloaking... sure helps a newbie...

    But I have a question when it comes to cloaking banner/image ads.

    Below is sample of the code in a php file I use to redirect text links:

    PHP Code:
    this works great! But I am having trouble when I try to redirect a banner link:

    Here is what I am attempting:

    Code from Linkshare (names change to protect the innocent - meaning me!):

    <a href=""><IMG border="0" alt="Merchant, Inc. " src=""></a>

    Now when I attempt to put this in a php file like above, it does not work. PHP does not like it.

    I than tried to do this as mentioned in this thread
    but it is not working... here it is:

    PHP Code:
    '<a href=""><IMG border="0"   alt="Merchant, Inc. " src=""></a>
    header("Location: $url");
    Okay... can someone gently tell me what I am doing wrong?

    OH I forgot I use PHPAdsnew to place and track my links/ads on my website...but I don't think that should matter... or does it?


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    I went through this not long ago on my own site... the problem is you've included the "alt" tag and the img URL and everything... the only thing that should go in your PHP file is the trackable URL itself... In your case above ""

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    July 12th, 2007
    okay... I think I was just figuring it out when I checked your reply. Thank you so much...

    But I am noticing I can't get rid of my PHPadsnew (Open Ads) link info...

    I like using it because I can create zones on my site to place certain ads, but it seems to defeat the purpose of cloaking ads.

    hmmm... may need to rethink this...

    thanks again...

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