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    Help me with a keyword search please
    I must be missing something vital and easy because I'm having a hard time updating a shop that's already made. Here's what happens - can you tell me what I'm doing wrong that's getting me all tangled up?

    I choose edit for the shop that has a product unavailable. This particular shop is using only one merchant - I'll call it M.

    Then, since I know what keyword I used to create the shop, I put that in.

    Even though I have the filter for M showing, it still gives me all the possible merchants and sometimes they are in alphabetical order and most of the time they are not. Even though I think I'm filtering to only that M, it's giving me all and I can't even find that M.

    Now if I leave off the keyword and just choose M from the alpha list, then I have to pick through a hundred pages of product because if I put the keyword in now, it goes back to all merchants and M is lost in the list again.

    I wouldn't mind scrolling thru the whole list after typing the keyword if they were alpha, but it seems as tho it goes by number of hits as soon as you put in a keyword.

    I figured that I can't possibly be the only one too dumb to search, so I'm taking one for the team here if you explain it to me.

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    Sorry, that I missed this post yesterday. Can you please e-mail me? It sounds like a weird bug.

    When you e-mail, can you please say what browser you're using and, if possible, send a screenshot of the filter you created?

    - JessieJ

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    I think I got it! When you asked about the filter, I decided to go in and edit through the filter and see what might change. I think I created that filter back on the first day I was in the sneak peek program, so many things have probably changed since then. As soon as I selected that merchant and unchecked all the others, it worked fine.


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