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    How to attract more affiliate
    Anyone can give me ideas on how to attract more affiliates? Can anyone suggest where I can find the info? If I sell eBook, which network would attract most affliate to sell my product?

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    Purchase a $75 "New program announcement" post at:

    Your affiliate program will get attention there. With more cash to spend, you have other ad options at the same webpage listed above.

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    Spend some time reading the message threads here, including the Merchant Best Practice threads/forum.

    Don't ever rely on "the network" to attract affiliates -- you'll only get quality affiliates by recruiting them directly. Every network has hundreds of merchants and thousands (some have millions) of products.

    My impression is that most eBook sellers use ClickBank (I don't really like ClickBank, but of course I don't promote eBooks, either), which might also handle online payments for you.

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    The new program announcement thread mentioned above is definitely the first thing to do right here at ABestWeb.

    After that? In one sentence: Promoting one single eBook may be somewhat hard, but whatever subject it is on, focus on the niche, and look for sites with relevant traffic -- those that are either already monetizing the traffic, or may be interested in promoting your product. This would probably be the main concept behind your affiliate recruitment.


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