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    Talking Travel Site Guidance Please
    Hello, I've been affiliate marketing for about a year now and interested in diversifying into some travel sites. Was wondering how to approach these with so many choices of places to affiliate. Is it better to go with someone like or that have airfare,hotels,everything combined or is there an advantage to separate airline, hotel and car rental providers?

    Is anyone aware of storefront type scripts for travel sites? I have a number of regional domains I would like to develop myself so something simple that I could add my own content to would be ideal if it exists.
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    My suspicion is that no successful travel affiliate (and there are a few here) will share his/her strategy and/or methodology with you (after all, why educate your competition on what works for them?). The way I always look at it -- when starting a new affiliate website -- is putting myself into my site's future visitors' shoes, trying to understand what they would like to see on a website that aims at helping them (to find the best lodging at the best price, for example), trying to think up how my website can stand out in a multitude of similar affiliate affiliates, developing something that would be of additional value to the end user...


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    Thanks for the reply Geno, thats a good way of approaching a new site, I try to think from a customers perspective too.
    Also, I can see why affiliates aren't going to want to give up their secrets but sometimes there are tools that are well known and widespread so they might not mind sharing basic info like that. I also thought/hoped an affiliate manager might read this and say "hey we have just the sitebuilder tool you need through our program x, just hit go!"

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