Are we going to have any Signature Contest in the future?

The reason I am asking is because according to this rule:
Signatures must not be greater than three lines of text and may not contain links to any adult or otherwise offensive websites (in our sole opinion). Images are Not allowed in signatures, nor are any affiliate link(s) or any keyword stuffing attempts. Any signatures, that violate these rules will be deleted without notice and your signature right will be removed. ABESTWEB may allow merchants to have a larger signature for their full contact information, this is on a case by case basis and may be withdrawn at anytime without notice.
While I know that content, length, and the amount of the lines of text on the signatures can vary on a case by case basics, and at Haiko's discretion, I have noticed lately that some signatures look like they were meant just to override (I don't want to use the other word) the threads on where they are posted.

Come on, one thing is when they try to get away with some water pistol toy and wet a few friends once in a while, but when they use a water cannon to soak everybody every chance they get, that really sucks.

We all make mistakes once in a while, but when we do some things that can be a real mistake, and someone tell us about it, if we keep doing the same mistake it's just because we are stupid, or we just want to get away with something.

Whether it was allowed or not in the rules is not the case, but do anyone think that it's good forum etiquette to post some of the same mile long signatures that some people are using more than once, on most of the threads?

There are some threads on were you can see the same mile long signature, on posts replies, that are just a one-liner of text, or even just a smiley, but the thing is not that it's just a one-liner of text reply, or that the reply is just a smiley or a couple of smilies [hey, don't say that I am bias to smilies, just because I post too many smiley's. :-) ], the thing is that too many posts on any thread with the same mile long signature, makes the one with mile long signature look like a newbie, a fool, or just like someone who is trying to just (fill in the blank here) _ _ _ _ the forum.

Don't anyone think that I am complaining on this thread about those that have a mile long signature, or the other weird signatures we see everyday around here from time to time. Those signatures don't bother me that much to complain about any of them.

I just decided to make this post to see if those doing the one webpage size sig get a clue, and fix their ugly autograph.