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    In the GATOR thread of this board I published a gator javascript. My researches showed that this script is part of gators spyware efforts. And there is something I found out:
    This script opend an invisible popup at IE from Microsoft, and the user would never have noticed of the upload of the browser plugin which is nothing than spyware.
    I could only be able to see that popup, because I used Opera browser and the script was not able to execute itself. As I use both, the IE and Opera I know that the java of Opera is not as good as the java of IE. Perhaps we should recommend our users to use Opera browser ( free download ) instead od IE because there the javascripts of the parasites do not work. Has anybody exerience with that matter. If this would work, we should put up links to the free download of opera browser and the included mail agent ( which does not have the mimebugs like outlook and outlook express ). And perhaps we should inform Microsoft of that.


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    YES, the Opera Browser is a great browser and pretty much available for any platform you can think of (also for the IBM OS/2, Linux and BeOS folks here).

    All the microsoft haters use Netscape instead of Opera, because they do not know about it.

    Netscape Browsers are just a piece of junk.
    Every new Version is not compatible to anything.
    Microsoft should have made a serious attempt to buy Netscape, that the Netscape founder would have burned his business down (his words).
    I am driving away from the topic. sorry.
    That's more something for the Programmers corner .

    ... Tell everybody to use Opera and redirect Netscape users to to get their Webbrowsers "fixed".

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