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    inaccurate pricing
    is anyone else noticing problems with the pricing of products in popshops -- and any recommendations?

    or do we just have to check every link we promote, regularly? (and what about autofeed?)

    e.g, in popshops I pick a product advertising a price of $49.98, but, clicking on the link takes you to a page offering the product for $79.99
    or, in popshops they publish (and we promote) a price in dollars when it should actually be in GBP

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    Hey Wingback

    You have identified one of the main challenges of managing data feeds.

    You have to remember that data feeds are based on live and ever changing data. Although we update all data feeds on a daily basis there are many reasons for a price discrepancy. A few examples:
    • Merchant has chosen not to update their whole catalog or only provide segmented updates
    • Merchant has not provided an updated feed to the network
    • There was failure in the network ftp or other method of feed data capture

    Because of these challenges sometimes the data a 3rd party tool like PopShops displays and what is live on the merchant's site differs. This challenge is even common with large shopping comparison portals like Bizrate or Nextag.

    Furthermore if we grab the merchant's feed early in the day and the feed is updated later in the day we may miss that import until the next morning. We are currently working on importing feeds several times a day but have not yet finished that functionality.

    Just to be duly diligent, can you please email us more information about the shop/merchant and account you are using so we make sure it isn't an issue with the particular shop in question.

    Thanks again for letting us know.
    Angel Djambazov
    Managing Edtior ReveNews
    OPM for Keen Shoes and

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