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    Talking Internet Security program recommendations
    I have been using the Norton Internet Security programs for the last couple of years and it is coming up for renewal soon.

    Around Christmas time I was in the local Best Buys and was discussing Anti-Virus, Firewall programs and was told the Norton uses up a lot of energy and speed of my computer and that my computer probably runs slow because of it.

    BB was pushing a product called Spy Sweeper. I wasn't ready to do anything since I knew I had till August to either renew Norton or switch.

    Has anyone had problems with Norton slowing their computers and can anyone recommend another program that has a firewall and anti-virus protection.


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    I used to use Norton until I got fed up with how their automatic updates stopped working and I had to manually download and install each one.

    Trend Micro seems to work well and updates seamlessly.
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    Windows Live OneCare

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    Grisoft AVG + ZoneAlarm

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    Norton left me exposed to MalwareAlarm (as did McAfee). I did a test with Panda Internet Security and it was the only one that caught this particular threat. It also caught 2 attacks on my system during installation. One was an attempt from my neighbor to hijack my wireless connection, and the other was a hard drive defragmentation attack.

    I took screenshots along the way and documented my test results on one of my blogs. PM me if you want the URL.

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    I don't like panda they spam me too much even after I unsubscribed.

    I like OneCare especially 2.0, uses little tiny bit of resources, you can do everything with it, virus scan, adware scan, system tune up, back up and can control all of your PCs from one.

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    I own an IT services company.

    I would recommend Webroot Spy Sweeper. I have tested it and other anti-spyware software on hundreds of pc's. It is THE best. Make sure you set it up to take advantage of all the different options it can do and set it up to scan your pc every night. If you have multiple computers make sure you get the 3 user version.

    Grisoft's AVG Anti-virus works extremely well. The free version is only free for home use. There are other good AV's out there but there are many factors in choosing one. AVG is easy to set up with it's scheduler to update itself every night and then scan your system every night. I specifically do not recommend Norton or McAfee security products. MS's live 1 care is a joke, imho. I am constantly cleaning up pc's for people who have been using these products, as well as solving problems that they have caused for people.

    I generally recommend you simply use the windows xp firewall UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LEARN HOW TO USE A FIREWALL. So many people do not know how to use a firewall and so many firewalls stink at being able to tell what programs should be allowed to access the network or internet. You have to be able to figure out allow or block decisions for yourself using the search engines. Most people don't have a clue how to do that. Many times I have found something not working because of them using ZoneAlarm, or Norton or McAfee and not knowing what to do.

    Do windows updates for home pc's, most of the time it will work ok. For businesses, it's tough, because some updates will break your other programs. You have to read and research or pay a tech.

    Rob Cox
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    I use Norton for antivirus and ZoneAlarm for firewall, e-mail protection and spyware catching/removal.


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    I use

    Windows Vista Firewall

    Windows Defender which comes with Vista runs in the background and scans I think once a day. I also downloaded a few others, Spybot, Ad-Adware, Counter Spy just as backup.

    AVG free for antivirus. That one and Avast have been rated the 2 best for awhile now and both free but I've been a long time user of AVG, think that's the best one out.

    And haven't had one virus or adware with my new computer so far and I think the other security features that come with Vista also help with that.

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    The Panda Software 2008 range is going to be launched on 1 Aug. The new software is going to seriously kick ass from what I've been told.

    Quote Originally Posted by HardwareGeek
    I don't like panda they spam me too much even after I unsubscribed.

    I like OneCare especially 2.0, uses little tiny bit of resources, you can do everything with it, virus scan, adware scan, system tune up, back up and can control all of your PCs from one.
    Where are the emails coming from Mike? I'd be interested to know...Panda takes SPAM seriously and only sends out emails to people who have subscribed/opted in to the service.
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    jacked by sylon
    I use Spy Sweeper and Trend Micro both.

    Never have any problems once I quit using Norton.

    Vietnam Veteran 1966-1970 USASA
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