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    What's the deal? Publisher ID Missing from Links in Newsletters
    In the past month it seems emails from our Performics merchants no longer have my PUBID appended to the end.

    Now I don't wanna appear lazy but this creates a lot of extra work when the technology is simple enough for them to add it for me the way they used to.

    It's one of the few times that new and improved takes a giant leap backwards.

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    Technical update on Publisher IDs in emails
    Our email newsletters no longer include publisher IDs as we are experiencing some temporary technical issues with the population of link templates. Please log into ConnectCommerce to access these links or insert your Publisher ID into the newsletter links. You can reference your Publisher ID on the right side of your screen when you are logged into ConnectCommerce.

    This issue will be resolved in 2 weeks. Please contact affiliate[at] for assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Yikes! That's a pretty big miss. Shouldn't this be a considerably higher priority than "2 weeks", and shouldn't it be communicated to all affiliates?

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    More information on missing Pub ID's
    We have included an update on the missing PUB ID issue in every email newsletter than has been distributed since the technical issue began. We are in the process of transitioning to a new email Service Provider and once that process is completed, this issue will be resolved. We are working hard to transition as quickly as possible which may be sooner than 2 weeks.

    We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.

    Please contact affiliate[at] for assistance.

    DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Team

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    It is a little extra work, but I would rather add my own PUBID, than have a random one listed in the link.

    For at least several days prior to Performics leaving the PUBID off the links, I was receiving emails with someone else's PUBID there. I didn't realize right away either. I just went on my merry way, copying and pasting.
    This has sometimes happened with other networks with links sent via email, so I should have paid better attention I guess.

    Anyway, point being, at least this way, I know it's my ID I'm posting.

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