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    Comicon San Diego?
    Dale? You going? Any ABWers going? From the Gene Simmons/KISS website:

    " And, on July 28th, Young NICK SIMMONS and his good looking Dad will be at this year's SAN DIEGO COMICON to debut the SIMMONS COMICS GROUP -- featuring 4 New Titles: GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS, DOMINATRIX, ZIPPER and INDY - RACE OF THE GALAXIES. Young Nick will debut his self written/drawn SKULLDUGGERY."

    Dale, is TFAW carrying the new comics?
    Deborah Carney

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    Hi Loxly, so sorry I missed your post (cough) a month ago... Feel free to poke me in the future if I'm not paying attention.

    To answer your questions:

    - no, I didn't go to SDCC, although I heard it was crazy as ever. The publishing side of our company had several dozen people there manning one of the larger booths, Dark Horse Comics [pics, more pics]

    - yes, we will be carrying all of the Simmons comic line. House of Horrors and Dominatrix are available for ordering now, and the others will be listed as they become available through our distributor. Dark Horse also published the original Kiss comic series back in 2003, so we know Gene fairly well here.

    - another music-related comic tie-in that was huge in San Diego was with My Chemical Romance. The band's lead singer, Gerard Way, has a new superhero comic series called "The Umbrella Academy" that's getting a lot of attention from both comic and music fans.

    The comics industry is doing very well lately, and we're loving every minute of it!


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