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    Hello. I have been very curious to know what the total market is for stuff sold on the Interent, and how much of it is through affiliates. One figure I saw somewhere is that there is $50 billion per year sold on the net and that 20% of that is generated through affiliate programs. However I don't trust figures just because someone posted them on a webpage. Just wondering if anyone has any specific figures about how much is sold on the net ... how much goes through affiliate programs ... the turnover of and linkshare and other networks.

    I did my own calculations for turnover generated through

    approx 100,000 transactions per day (counting and averaging the transation numbers)

    Estimated average dollar value of transaction of $80

    Total turnover generated through

    = $80 times 365 times 100,000 = $2.9 billion dollars.

    Estimated average commission on this turnover:
    4% which equals total commissions paid through $116 million.

    What do you think of this estimate (I know it's pretty rough)? Does anyone have the real figure for cj and for linkshare and others?

    Even more interesting, but slightly on a side-track, Does anyone know what the top publishers earn on

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    To my opinion the best resource you can find on the link below.
    Especially the tables they provide can give you insight into trends.
    Unfortunaly you will not find figures for:
    -online content (adult)
    -online content (gambling)
    only figures for
    - shopping (devided into all segments)
    - travel

    Note: the articles are all based on statistical research, on USA audience, but to my own calculations (travel) very accurate.

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    Good news source on the 40-80 billion $$ curve depending on viewpoint. People are getting confortable at buying on the Internet. They only object to the gorrilla Ad-nausium bombardment while their connected to information sources.

    Anyone know how to setup a Internet PinaColada stand with a straw dispensing unit metered by the minute. Suck time anyone?

    Webmaster Mike

    "Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense?

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