Hello everyone,

4Checks has soooooooooo many products - personal checks in all kinds of formats, business checks, computer checks, photo checks, etc. Then there are the matching accessories - address labels, contact cards, checkbook covers...Not to mention other necessary items - deposit tickets in various formats, address stampers, check registers, notecards, checkbook calculators and more!

I want to make finding information on 4Checks' assortment of products as easy as possible because I respect your time and am thankful for your interest.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to introduce "Product Spotlights." These will be informational posts that concentrate on a specific 4Checks product. My hope is that they will inspire you to sign up if you haven't already done so, put up direct product links or create a niche focused page or site (need help? please ask!).

Stay tuned and thanks for your interest!