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    From a previous discusssion, it was claimed that html embedded links are better because there is less chance for parasites to steal commissions. What do you think? I can see how html embedded links would make it harder for parasites to steal commissions, but I think it also means the affiliate is less likely to get the commission if the person types the site name directly into the address bar (on the second visit to the site), or if they search on google for the site. I would like your views on this, because I am not an expert.

    Are cookies essential for affiliate programs? Do you think we will see the eventual dissapearance of cookies?

    Also do you think that we will see more private label websites (with your own URL) making it much more difficult to steal commissions, and also less likely to lose commissions due to cookies not tracking properly.

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    I don't know about your technical questions, but as for these:

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Are cookies essential for affiliate programs? Do you think we will see the eventual dissapearance of cookies?

    1) I can say that it depends on the price of the item. I've had programs sell just fine with relatively puny cookies, or even no cookies, when it's an impulse-buy item.

    But if the item is expensive, or expensive compared to others in its category (like a "high-end" item that's 3x the price of an unbranded version) can make a BIG difference to have a short cookie!

    2) I don't currently see cookies disappearing, mainly because of the MASSIVE demand for cookies from the affiliate side, relative to the cost to merchants. Unlike with parasite acceptance, it doesn't seem to have been worth it for most merchants to ignore the hollering when it comes to cookies. In other words, most merchants think it's not too costly to go ahead and have cookies, but they think it'll cost a bunch to ditch parasites. So, they are basically deaf about parasites but they can suddenly hear when it comes to cookies!

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    Only way I'd showcase a merchant without any return day cookies is if the pay a per clikc fee plus a commission. They'd best have a sought after niche' product at a discounted price. Zero or less than 7 day cookies are a sure sign of someone playing affiliates as free advertisers..not sales partners.

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