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    The day's of the coupon "point of sale" attack dogs kiting off 90% of all network payouts is about to be over. Yahoo is doing this though "under the cover" partnership with a multi-network couponer, splitting the profits. Look for them to do just like MSN and monopolize the "incent" POS marketplace by enabling the merchant's hired gun Adwhores to post showcased offers and cut out the SERP and PPC coupon spammers.

    These 2, MSN and Yahoo, KNOW Google will do this too and are trying to jump the gun on gathering in the majority of affiliate network commission payouts directly into their coffers. I'll be tarred and feathered before any of my successful merchant clients give one dime in ROI killing incentives to MSN -Google -Yahoo or the affiliate network incent exploiters. That's why they double sales every year without tilting referral commissions towards the top SERP & PPC cookie setters. Thankfully the affiliate cookie cannons and all BHO's leave them completely alone.... and they prosper.

    Everyone of their PPA Adsense publishers, and regular Adsense publishers, get higher then normal payouts. I can pause PPC campaigns, cut bids by half and still meet any daily PPCSE caps without damaging traffic totals and natural established site conversion ratios. All their coded link creative affiliates earn commissions on a 1/20 conversion ratio.... without any coupons... year after year. All their PPA Adsense publishers average a 18% conversion ratio without even putting up a normal affiliate link. All these merchants outperform the SAS product merchants EPC, let alone those of the other networks, from their referral traffic and storefront exposure at eBay, Amazon,Yahoo stores.

    I play the Super Affiliate playas like a fine tuned instrument as they're all so predictable. They don't have a clue on what to do with non-incent high conversion merchants pooring out their own advertising bucks for 1/3 the normal commission payouts. This month the 3 averaged $2.78 profit from every visitor to their websites and Super-Affiliate storefronts. Historically July is was normally their worse month. Needless to say MSN's move and the others creates a big yawn from these immune merchants.
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    CJ does the same kind of thing, but they fill excess ValueClick ad inventory (rather than submitting to MSN shopping or whatever).

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