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    Chat Software Recommendations
    I'm looking to add chat functionality to one of my sites. My requirements are:

    1) I'm looking for something that will allow me to create a custom chat room for each URL on my site - on the fly

    2) Must run off of PHP/MYSQL (not from a Java server)

    3) Flash would be great

    4) < $100

    Can anyone recommend a good solution?

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    We used to use Live Chat. It was affordable and easy to customize.

    We decided against using chat though for a couple of reasons:

    1. It ticks people off when there is no operator more than it makes people happy when there is one in my opinion.

    2. We found very few legitimate chatters who we couldn't help with a call or email.

    3. People typically put the Chat box in absolute prime real estate on their site that might be better used to sell something.

    On the otherhand I know lots of people love it.

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