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Thread: GourmetStation's Raw Datafeed at AvantLink

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    GourmetStation's Raw Datafeed at AvantLink
    An affiliate has joined the AvantLink-based's affiliate program, started playing with the datafeed, and sent me the following question:

    Yesterday I joined AvantLink and so far, I have only joined GourmetStation, but I would like to know how to get the raw datafeed automatically, like in SAS we can get it by FTP, but so far I have no idea where is a link to get it from AvantLink by FTP.

    I'm talking about the raw datafeed, not the Datafeed Client (with 55 files and 17 folders)...
    Since the response to the above question may benefit other affiliates too, I am posting the answer here at ABestWeb:

    AvantLink does provide raw data feed files through an http location. Once an affiliate configures a raw datafeed subscription, they'll be assigned a URL that's custom to that subscription. All they have to do is go that location to grab updates moving forward.

    Here are the steps to configuring a datafeed subscription:

    1. Login click on 'Tools' from the main menu
    2. Click 'Sign-up for new datafeeds'
    3. Name the subscription and select Raw Datafeed File for integration method, then follow the steps.'s affiliate manager,


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    Thanks for posting this info, Geno. Here's some more info as well..

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