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    Looks like a new toolbar application. Anyone have the skinny on these guys?

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    My name is Jason and I wrote the Kwoopon Browser Add-on. It is not parasiteware. I'm not doing anything devious with it - I wrote it as an attempt to make finding coupon codes a little easier. The way it works is for whatever site you are viewing, it'll show you coupon codes for that website. The revenue model is to also show other "relevant" coupon codes for other retailers. Those are affiliate links, and if the user clicks the ad and buys something, well you know the rest. Hope this clears up any questions.

    I'm glad I found this forum - this will be a great resource for someone new to affiliate marketing.


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    Who'd a thunk couponers would migrate from the "poor man's" point of sale attack dogs into the cookie landmining area of the BHO. Additional testing for automated cookie stuffing, should Ms. B seek to verify the new BHO couponer apps, should alos include....
    DealAlert 3.0
    DealAlert - be notified of selected online deals and available coupons

    Coupon Wizard 1.0
    Coupon Wizard provides a simple way to organize your coupons on your PC

    Phonotics Deal Watcher 1.0
    Money-saver software that notifies you about the best bargains, deals, and coupons available on any merchandise

    Coupon Button 1.1
    The free Coupon Button gives you coupon codes worth 5% - 50% off while shopping online at thousands of stores

    ProbuSoft Coupon Organizer 1.1
    ProbuSoft Coupon Organizer is a little application that will keep all of your coupons organized

    Amazon Coupon Codes 1.0
    This widget allows you to view the best deals amazon coupons

    WiredDeals 0.5
    This widget allows you to track and view the latest top deals from and Feed 2.0 Feed widget allows you to view and read about the latest hot deals from this website.

    Shopeei Widget 1.0
    This widget allows you to view the latest hot deals from

    Dealsucker Toolbar For IE 1.0
    Dealsucker Toolbar For IE - Get new deals delivered directly to your browser
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    Jason, everything download is automatically excluded from the 40 sites we have programs with. You might consider something else.

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    Interestingly enough, I am in the process of turning into a "standard" coupon site along the lines of couponcabin, etc... Although I was planning to keep the browser addon as an optional download...

    It's funny - I knew users would be leary of a browser addon because of the fear of spyware and adware. Little did I know merchants would be leary of addons for other reasons. Ah well - live and learn.


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