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    Removing special characters
    I'm working with a Access DB I'm trying to remove <br> from a text field.

    The problem is I don't see them in Access only when I export to CSV I see a little square box.

    I need to update in Access how can I fix this or any other special characters at the same time.
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    Look in they have a cleaner that is on the left nav I believe. It is very useful.

    O and its totally free. Thanks AMWSO

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    369 also works well for a search and replace. It also lets you use a wild card.

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    If it is in Visual Basic you might try vbCr. Or in a search ^p or /n or /r or \n or \r (I rarely remember which way the slash is supposed to go.). Another option is to paste the string into word, select the line ending and hit find, usually it will transpose to Microsoft formatting in the find box.

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