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    For my tarp site, I am having a 1 minute demo movie digitized. There are a number of formats available, does anyone have a format recommendation as to popularity/speed? I want to make this load as quickly as possible, in a format that is as popular as possible, so there is minimal delays between content-pushing and selling.

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    I would look into Flash Communication Server if I where you its all browser based and the user does not need to install or configure anything to see the video stream.

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    Well, for the best quality at the smallest size, MPEG4 is best. However, to get the best quality out of it, you have to be familar with it. XviD is the best quality but it's open source so they don't distribute binaries (compiled code) but you can find some "development" binaries of it on some other sites. Using XviD you'll be able to show it using Quicktime 6 (after converting the AVI to MP4). As you can see, this is quite a lot of work for someone that's new to it. Of course you could always just leave XviD in an AVI and tell people to get DivX (a very popular MPEG4 codec) but the disadvantage is that it won't play until it has finished downloading. Real and WMV are both bad options because they tend to look very washed out/faded and they are for the most part they only play on windows. If you think XviD/DivX is too much work then I'd stick with MPEG2. Btw, I think DivX might have a new release this week so keep your eyes peeled.

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