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    new to adsense.. a few questions
    can i have multiple adsense accounts.. i am wanting a higher rank on google i spent 30 dollars in adds so far and havent made anything yet, im promoting dishnetwork and through gmoney they offer a 104 dollar commision for each sell.. only sells i got so far was through familie and friends but i want my add to be seen on google.. is there programs that can improove my rating. how much should i pay per click and per day.. im currently at 1 dollar per click, 2 dollars per day... i only have 150 dollar budget to spend on adds this month

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    Are you talking about Adwords?
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    Obviously talking about an Adwords PPC campaign.

    Here is a bit of advice. When deciding on whether to promote a particular product or service, ask yourself this: "If I stood on a busy streetcorner all day and offered this product or service to 500 passers-by, would I be likely to sell enough of them to make it worth my while?"

    Though there is certainly some demand for the service you mentioned, most people are already subscribed to a cable or dish network. So this is a tough sell because you are trying to convince them to take on the hassle of changing over from one invisible provider to another.

    You would be far better off trying to sell a line of products that people will want or need even if they already have some of it.

    104 dollar commision for each sel
    They could offer $1,000.00 commission on each sell, and it would still be 0 dollar commission on "no sells".

    Try something different.
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