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    Strange ebay search on log
    Was checking my logs when I noticed I had a "Referer" from I find that weird since I don't sell on ebay. Followed the link and didn't see anything suspicious. Just the normal ebay listings. Anything I should be concerned about?


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    eBay "leakage" (paid search ads on eBay)
    I see some apparent "paid search" links below the regular search results for some terms on eBay; for example, try
    and you'll see a "sponsored links" section, which sends folks to various external sites.

    It seems likely that this is the mechanism that is putting eBay search pages into your referrer logs.

    This looks to me just like the usual "leakage" that is spreading across many merchant sites -- I assume that eBay affiliates don't get any cut of this revenue.

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    Yep, Yahoo's PPC ads, to be specific.

    They only show up sometimes, it seems, which can make it hard to see your ad in action when you check.
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