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    Finding Temporarily Offline Status
    Today, just by chance, I found a merchant listed as "temporarily offline." I rely on the "order by" function of my merchants to find those that are temporarily offline. However, today, this merchant was not listed when I sorted for that status, but it is listed as offline when I view all my merchants. This merchant was put on offline status on 7-28, so just yesterday. But, my question is, why isn't this merchant listed when I use the "order by" function? Should I not rely on that for the complete details?


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    What you need to do first is pre-screen merchants. Look to see if they are on auto-deposit.

    When looking for new merchants, I go through the following:
    View and Search Merchant List
    Advanced Search (scroll down)
    Check Box "On AutoDeposit" plus any others I want to check

    After I find the merchants, I select individual merchants and check their "Program Uptime History" since even AutoDeposit merchants will occasionally go offline. If they have not gone offline or have only gone offline for brief periods, I join them.

    I have had pretty good luck prescreening this way.
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    Excellent advice on prescreening merchants.
    I think Mayatime is having a problem with the status reports of merchants she already belongs to. I think what is happening in her case is that a merchant that is offline is labeled offline on her list of all merchants yet if she filters her merchant list the results are not complete. I looked and found one, Hanson Ellis as being offline on my list of all my merchants in the status report. If I filter my merchant status list to show offline merchants they are not there. If I filter to show online merchants only they are not there either. They only appear on my overall merchant status list and not on any merchant status filtered list.
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    The information available when you check merchants does not always seem to be accurate. One merchant I joined on June 1 this year was offline since May according to their report but I know they were not offline, I had no invalid links during they time they show as having been offline (several weeks). I check for invalid links quite regularly and would have noticed if they were offline during all of June as shows in their report. It does make it very hard to make decisions but unless they are definitely derelicts I do not base a decision on that report.

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    [QUOTE=Cheesehead]What you need to do first is pre-screen merchants. Look to see if they are on auto-deposit.

    I have had several auto-deposit merchants go offline as well so being on auto-deposit does not garentee that they will always be online.

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    Thanks everyone.

    Yes, Mellie. The issue is with merchants with which I already have an established relationship. It's not in looking at new merchants. I understand looking at the auto-deposit, etc.

    The merchant currently in question is offline due to low funds, and this has been an issue with this merchant before. So, I am not terribly concerned, and I am not going to rip down links right away, as they have always been back. But, seeing it on my overall list as temporarily offline, but not finding it when I filtered gave me cause for concern, as I don't always view my whole list on a routine basis.

    I will now.

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