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    Any CJ Advertisers here?
    I have couple of websites with products like website templates & business brochures. And I would like to promote it through CJ. I have few questions regarding this and I contacted CJ but haven't got any reply from their side. I'm writing those questions here and hope I would get the solution. My questions are:
    1) Do CJ accept Indian clients?
    2) If so, what is the set up fee?
    3) Can I able to promote both my products with a single account?

    I also have doubt in their support system. Do they offer good support?

    Look forward your replies which would help me to take the right decision.

    Thanks in advance

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    cj set up
    Hi Stephen,

    welcome to the affilite program world. its sometimes hard to get a response even from sales to ask these questions. but keep trying

    i've heard its like 5k set up and $500 a month for cj. but i'm not sure on the current set up charge.

    with multiple accounts. I know of one that has that running for two sites. But you only get to say your one company to fit in like one category. but they load up banners for both sites and it can still track sales for them, while only paying for one account on CJ

    good luck

    p.s. check out pingo business to see if we might have a partnership together?
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    Hi Stephen,
    Why not look at ShareASale (SAS) they may be a good option for you. If nothing else the will return your emails.

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    Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I posted the same question in few other forums, but haven't got any advice or suggestions. Here I have got couple of suggestions which gives me confidence. Surely I will step into this affiliate marketing and keep in touch with you.

    Thanks once again.

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