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    My Nightmare
    Customer tried placing a $49,000 order with AMEX on Paypal but was having trouble so I redirected her to 2checkout which we use as a backup.
    Since it was a large order we held back on shipping pending 2CO's fraud review.
    Later that day it passed 2CO fraud review.

    This was my indication that the order was good and so the following day I initiated the process of filling the order.

    Three days later, after the order had been sent off to the customer, I called 2CO because I was concerned that the payment had't been processed. Larry assured me that although it hadn't made this week's payment cycle it would certainly be on the following week's. He further assured me that the payment was guaranteed as it had been approved by the bank.

    An hour or so later I received notification via email that the order had been cancelled by 2CO and refunded to the customer.

    As a consesquence of this action I am now left scrambling trying to recover the goods which will not only cost me to have returned, providing I am able to do this, but I am also out of pocket the potential profit from the sale.

    2CO website states: "...accounts whose sales level drastically rises, will be subjected to our account verification process. This process is typically done through voice verification with the end user of the service or product.
    While this process is usually seamless, difficulty in verifying the legitimacy and status of your account can result in the delay of your initial payments."

    Notice that it says this can delay payments, not cancel orders.
    Did 2CO, in fact, try to notify the end user to verify the order? If so, what was the result? No answer. If not, why not?

    Why was I not notified immediately rather than several days later, after I had shipped the order? has been unable or unwilling to answer these questions.

    In fact they sent an email stating "a number of factors were taken into account when we concluded that the risk was too great for us to allow the sale. Some of the factors that were taken into account : no address verification, no CVV verification (Amex), address given for the credit card was a P. O. Box,etc."

    Understand I am not complaining about 2CO's refusal to accept the order. They certainly have the right to accept or refuse any orders they want. What I am PO'd about is the fact that they indicated that the order was accepted, which prompted me to commence shipping. In fact their policy states that it is mandatory for their vendors to ship the product before receiving payment from 2CO. If they were concerned about the risk factors as mentioned in their email, then why did their fraud review team approve the order?

    I have complained to the Better Business Bureau, which already has many, many complaints about this company and I am now urging everyone who is considering using 2CO to do so at their own risk. (BTW, they also charge an outrageous 5.5% of sales. About twice as much as Paypal.)

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    Customer tried placing a $49,000 order with AMEX on Paypal
    First - Who that Fk would try to place a $49,000 order online.
    Second - Who is stupid enough to think about any commission from a sale like that?

    Look, if anyone can prove me wrong, please let me know now, so I can change merchants on the spot.

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    You should have asked your costumer for a wire transfer, that how I take in all the big $$ from my clients.

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    Why in the heck are you using 2co for a $49,000 order?

    Something stinks.

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