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    Datafeed Question
    Is there a script or tool that will allow me to pull products from the datafeed and keep customers within my own site... or at least keep them there until checkout.... I gave Golden Can a test run.... the minute I clicked the product, it took me to the other company's site.... or is that the preferred method when affiliating....

    Also, when a customer leaves my site, should I arrange for the customer to remain in the same window OR pop the affiliated site up in another window so that they don't lose track of MY site.....


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    I don't know what the statics prove, but in my opinion, I try to keep the customer on my site as long as feasible.

    Again, my opinion........I put the merchant in a new window.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayecee
    I gave Golden Can a test run.... the minute I clicked the product, it took me to the other company's site....
    Hi, I'm only responding to part of the issue, as I'm not all that experienced or successful yet myself.

    If you want to give another try, you might look closely at your store settings. Under "Display Settings," the default seems to be "No" where it asks if you want to "Display Product Detail." If you change that to "Yes," then save the changes, you'll see that a click takes people to a details page within your site, giving them the option to click to the merchant site from there.

    Took me awhile to find that setting. I have mixed feelings about which is best (whether GoldenCAN or self-generated datafeed links) so I don't have a real opinion.

    I tend to feel that getting the person away from my site directly to the merchant may lead them to make a buying decision. But many folks agree with you about keeping them around your site longer.
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