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    Question Question for a friend (Virus Deletion)
    A friend (who is not a member here) uses McAffee for anti-virus protection.

    A jerky friend of hers came over to her apartment and used her computer to view porn. Now my friend is pretty sure that she has a virus on her computer.
    The McAffee apparently didn't protect her system or delete the virus.

    Please give me advice so I can tell my friend how to delete her "porno related virus."

    Do Porno sites usually give people viruses or spyware (and I know no one here views porn, so any answer most likely will come from aggregate studies of viruses and spyware).

    Maybe it would help if she described what now happens with her computer.
    I've summed up everything she told me.

    Thanks in advance.

    (P.S. I've already said that she should "drop" the jerky person who dared to view the porn)

    Thanks, Rematt, for your great suggestions below.
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    Yeah, yeah. I have a friend...sounds like me talking to my therapist.

    Why does your friend "think" she has a virus. Is there something that seems strange on her system? The reason I ask if because specific symptoms can help track down the problem. And was her McAfee up to date?

    In the meantime she can run a couple of online scans to see if they pick up something that McAfee missed.

    I would also recommend downloading and running a copy of Spybot Search & Destroy

    Another essential tool is HijackThis HijackThis does require some knowledge of your operating environment, but even without specific knowledge of he environment you can sometimes spot things that "aren't quite right". Make sure your friend sets HijackThis' configuration to backup changes so that she can undo if necessary.

    Hope this helps and tell your friend to stay away from the beefcake.

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    For anti-virus it's hard to beat AVG, you can download a free non-commercial version at .

    They have a version with spyware detection as well for about $50 but I've never used it as I have search and destroy, , for that. (S&D should be handled with care as misuse could really screw up the computer.

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    Thanks to rematt & Knight01 for their great suggestions.

    Knight, I installed the free version of AVG in my parents' computer.

    I'll pass on the additional info to my girlfriend. Thanks
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