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    Time-Wasting Morons (potential client contact, Clueless Electronics)
    How clueless can people get? I just got a very terse email from a regional consumer-electronics retailer (I'll refer to them here as "Clueless Electronics"). I suspect that a number of OPMs here may have received the same email, so I'll try to save you some time, if you haven't already followed up.

    The email says, in its entirety:
    "I am looking to retain a consultant...
    Please contact me to discuss"

    No hint about what kind of consulting (e.g. affiliate marketing, pay-per-click search, or even if it's about marketing at all). It is signed by someone identified as "Corporate HR & Training Manager"

    I spent a moment looking at the Clueless Electronics web site, and did what I always do: I tried to place an order. (1) No shipping-cost info before adding to cart. (2) When I tried to use the "complete order without registering" option, I was unable to move forward; the site "looped" with no error message. (3) When I finally got into the checkout system, it used a sequence of 6 pages to do what most sites do in 1 page. (4) When the site prompted me for my credit card number, it did not show a total to be charged.

    Okay, I thought, maybe these guys really do need a consultant, but let's see what's there. I tried calling the Clueless Electronics 800-number at the top of every page at the site, and found only two options: press 2 for sales, 4 for customer service. It didn't matter; either choice puts me through to a "ring no answer" (continuous phone ringing, nobody picks up even after several minutes). Maybe these guys should pay for some hold music.

    So finally I called the fellow who'd emailed me, and explained the above issues. His response was that none of this was a concern, as Clueless Electronics does $60 million per year in sales (I assume that's through retail stores, not online).

    I informed him that I would not be interested in working with a company that was not interested in fixing major problems with their retail web site. I pointed out that it would be difficult (probably impossible) to recruit quality affiliates with such a site in place, and since he didn't plan to resolve site problems, I saw no reason to continue talking.

    (No, it's not Fry's Electronics.)

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    I really miss not being able to fire morons!!

    "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." - Richard Nixon

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    Sounds like a pure waste of time ... good reminder to check out merchant's sites and user process before trying to make money with them.

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    While I appreciate a good rant as much as the next guy (more probably ), why go through all that trouble? An email that vague...maybe a one line response, but a full-scale investigation...?

    Your own culpability in the time wasting aspect aside, yep, they sound like nuckle dragging morons. Eek! If the recruiter is any indication, the company has more problems than just the website.
    Eathan Mertz

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    The email says, in its entirety:
    "I am looking to retain a consultant...
    Please contact me to discuss"
    I replied:
    I am looking for clients...
    Please send money before we discuss!

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    >>I replied:
    I am looking for clients...
    Please send money before we discuss!


    They sent money by wire to me.

    THEN I just referred them to MARK [joke]

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