Yesterday, I wrote about Green Tea, so today will be a physical tip!

Most of us spend our time sitting in front of a computer. Our backs are arched, head leaning forward, legs in the same position for most of the day. You'd be surprised of what you can do for your body while sitting.

1- Suck it in! Simply sucking in your stomach (and I don't mean hold your breath, just tuck it in) will contract your abs and straighten your back. Your back and your abs are each others support system and by sucking in your gut, it helps strengthen your back! A good breathing technique as well is, inhale normally, when you exhale, pull your stomach in instead of out. Think of a balloon deflating, you want to push all the air out. If your body is use to bad posture this will seem awkward and uncomfortable at first. You don't have to hold this position forever, keep it as long as you can and when you notice that you have let go, re-adjust yourself. As time goes by, your body will automatically align.

2- Pull your shoulders back now there is a difference between pulling your shoulders back and pushing your chest forward. One will curve your back the other will straighten it. Don't exaggerate the movement. Just a slight adjustment will do. This will prevent your shoulders from rolling inward over time.

3- Use your head I'm sure some of you may have noticed this. A person who's head seems to be pulling away from the body. If you don't understand what i mean, sit still, and move your head closer to the screen. There you go! Don't you look fabulous! Working in front of a computer, reading a book, doing almost anything really, we lean our heads forward. This movement stretches and leads to lengthening your Trapezius muscles (aka Traps). To fix or prevent this you do the opposite, contract your muscles! This is a little tricky at first, but, sitting straight and with your head facing forward, pull your head back, not up or down, just in a straight line back. hold it for a few seconds and do it again. Your muscles contract to pull your head back and over time they will become tighter and your head will no longer look as though it's trying to escape your body!

4- Get on the ball. get a swiss ball. A swiss ball is that big exercise ball you may have seen around. There are different sizes so if you're looking to buy one, make sure you get the right size for you. It needs to be inflated to the max, wait one day, and add some air and then you are good to go. Sit on the ball. That's it. That's all you have to do. Because of the shape of it, your body straightens in order to stay balanced (don't lean back though!). Having a bit of trouble? If you haven't already, tuck in your stomach and that should help. You have your desk/table to support you so if you are worried about falling over. rest your arms on the desk. Once you get use to the ball, bounce on it, open your legs as though your sitting on a horse and squeeze the ball (this will work the inside of your thighs aka adductors). Don't expect to sit on the ball all day, so keep a chair nearby.

5- step away from your computer... Take a few minutes every couple of hours to walk around, stretch, go outside. Give your eyes, mind and body a break for 2 minutes. You will feel energized when you come back.

6- squeeze it. Get a stress ball or a hand grip and squeeze it 5 times every a few times an hour. This will help prevent cysts and Tendonitis.

That's all the tips for now!

Let me know which you try!