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    PPC Keyword Links
    Is it possible for me to use the ppc keyword link offered for a regular link even though I'm not using ppc at all? I'm having a devil of a time getting either banner links or a simple cj text link to stick in wordpress and it's driving me batty. Wordpress thinks the code doesn't need to be there and it deletes it.

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    Just copy the URL from a text link, you don't need the 1x1 tracking pixel there or the advertiser's text.

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    It is possible to put a text link URL as a target URL at Google Adwords?? and what is this 1*1 image? is that just for stats(impressions)?

    And should I add as my websites ?!


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    I asked this question from CJ support and they replied me :

    "In order to utilize the code for a Google Adwords campaign, the only portion of the code that is necessary, in order to track your commissions, is what appears in quotations on the first line of code.

    For example, if the code appears as such:

    The portion of the code that should be placed in the URL Destination is:


    In order to set up your link so that it can track the results separately, and to notify the advertiser that you will be promoting an advertiser link in this way (to ensure that the advertiser is prepared to receive the traffic), locate the “Account-->Website Settings” tab, select “Add a New Website,” and follow the instructions (in the URL put Be sure that, when you acquire the link code, you select the appropriate website (each site has a unique PID contained in the link code) from the drop down menu, within the “Get Links Detail Page.”

    By omitting the "img src" portion of the link, however, this will eliminate your visibility with respect to viewing impressions."

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