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    I have heard it discussed before but not lately so here goes....

    I have a merchant that I send good targeted traffic to.
    I have two other merchants in the same niche and I send them the same type of traffic...

    1500 clicks -- 22 Sales

    600 clicks -- 5 Sales

    2500 clicks -- 0 Sales

    I thought that this was a pretty big difference considering that all the traffic I send to these merchants is well targeted and the consumer has already had all the PRE-SALE and they are ready to punch in the CC and BUY....

    So I went to MERCHANT "C" and did some looking around...
    I added a product to my cart and tried to CHECK OUT..

    It was almost impossible to CHECK OUT...
    They sent me through 2 pages of info before "REQUIRING" me to REGISTER with them and OPT OUT of all kinds of CRAP before I could even punch in my CC NUMBER...

    When I clicked on CONTINUE SHOPPING it was almost impossible to find my CART again... ( I actually had to stop, sit back and REALLY LOOK for the CART )

    Here are some tips on how to clean up your cart and what NOT to do:::

    1. It should NOT be a requirement to REGISTER with you in order to make a purchase..

    2. When a person adds something to their cart it should take them to the CART and give them the option of CHECKING OUT immediately...

    3. A "CHECK OUT" button should be displayed throughout the site and be HIGHLY VISABLE so that the customer can actually find it again...


    If anyone else has opinions on how to CLEAN UP the CART and CHECK OUT PROCESS... Please Help Educate the Merchants by including them here...


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    I'm still surprised a lot of merchants are setup this way, where the customer has to jump thru hoops to spend their money. You want to get them thru checkout as quickly and easily as possible. I was sending some traffic to WWE (wrestling) and noticed it was not converting and then taking a look at checkout and I could see why. It's a mess and you have to register first.

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    A good cart layout and experience will always show 90+% of those adding to cart proceeding to final checkout. Consider never having 3rd party info peddling in your cart, and no e-mail solicitation during checkout. Then drop coupons in favor of the overall benefits of Free freight on sales over $XX. This eliminates the need for a coupon/rebate code box that invites cart abandonment & confusion.
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    All great points. If you want to data mine, data mine. If you want to sell stuff, let people buy it.

    Seems simple to me.
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