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    I don't understand Sas's statistics - please help
    Hello All,

    I'm new to Sas and as well as affiliate marketing. The first thing I'm struggling with is understanding the stats SAs assigns to the different merchants. When I went to Sas's help page, their info on stats if very limited. It only described the 7 day EPC. Can someone please help me to understand the fields I'm looking at for the merchant statistics? Also, any insight you can offer about what many would consider "good stats" would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!

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    There have been many discussion threads here on ABW about evaluating the statistical information provided by the various affiliate networks, and almost uniformly everyone seems to agree that EPC is not a very useful measure to use in making decisions.

    EPC represents the "average" affiliate earnings per 100 clicks from all affiliates. Of course, there are different types of affiliates with very different performance characteristics. For example, many "coupon affiliates" have relatively high EPC if their page appears prominently in a search for the phrase "merchantname coupon" (for example, "Wal-Mart coupon"), as consumers are often ready to check out when they are looking for a coupon.

    Some affiliate networks actually encourage merchants to actually terminate affiliates with low EPC statistics (even though such affiliates are successful and profitable for the merchant), in order to "distort" the EPC figures by including only the highest-EPC affiliates. Some merchants encourage affiliates to engage in a variety of "pre-qualifying" steps before allowing a consumer to click to the merchant's site, again to inflate EPC (but usually at the expense of sales). In addition to these "legitimate" methods for manipulating and inflating EPC, merchants can also inflate the EPC through any of several "improper" methods.

    Several folks on ABW have proposed a number of variations on EPC that would be more accurate and more helpful to new affiliates considering programs, but thus far none of the networks have adopted any of these variations.

    Deciding which merchants and products to promote is absolutely the most difficult decision that most affiliates must make. I consider myself to be somewhat intelligent, with 11+ years experience as an affiliate (as well as other roles in internet marketing), but most of my "testing" still results in failure. Of course, the 10% of "testing" that turns into successful long-term relationships serves to compensate me adequately for the failures.

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    This might help:

    As fas as all of the numbers, 0.00=bad, except in the reversals column.

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    Thank you so much for the intelligent response! It was written extremely well and gave me great insight.

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