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    How Long Untill I get My First Payment
    I signed up with Linkshare's drugstore program 2 months ago. I have notched up around $5k in commisions to date. I must admit that I am totally confused as to how their payment system works. I have emailed theor support and have basically figured out (i think) that linkshare take a month to get paid from DS and then I have to wait another month - is this correct?

    Is it normal in the affiliate world to wait more than 2 months for commisions?

    Any help is much appreciated as I am new to this.


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    Merchants are supposed to pay Linkshare within 35 days of the end of the month. In my experience, less than half of the merchants pay that quickly. You are at the mercy of when the merchant desides to pay. Once Linkshare receives payment, they pay the affiliate at the next semi-monthly payout date.

    It is not unusual to wait 3 or 4 months to be paid from some merchants.

    As to, they pay a 10% commission and a small fee for new customers. $5,000 is a lot of earnings in two months, especially during the summer.

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    Hi Snowman,
    Thanks for the response. I will have to site and wait which is frustrating as I am trying to do this as a new business and waiting 3 months+ for sales that get taken by the merchant immediately is harsh!

    I am really happy with the $5k earnings the last couple of months but have to admit it is a bit of a fluke that I don't expect to last too long. I basically registered some new product domains (pre FDA approval) last year - built our good content sites which now seem to be an authority on the search engines. All traffic is via organic seo techniques.

    I will be happy to share more details like the URL via PM if you are interested.

    Thanks again for the reply,

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