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    Question PHP and MySQL Knowledge
    I recently read on another thread that knowledge of PHP and MySql is essential to success in affiliate marketing.

    Do do you agree/disagree?

    I don't want to waste a lot of time trying to make money without this knowledge if it's key to success?

    Thank you for any feedback

    - Steve

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    PHP MySQL knowledge is NOT required to make money in affiliate marketing...

    BUT.. it helps when you are trying to take that NEXT STEP and grow your business...

    You won't be wasting time since everything you do in affiliate marketing teaches you something you didn't know before..

    PHP is a great programming language to learn and I suggest getting a book called:

    "PHP 5/MYSQL Programming For The Absolute Beginner"
    A Thomson Course Technology $26.99

    You can find it HERE >>
    (Not an Affiliate Link)

    It comes with all the source code for all the projects in the book on CD so it is very easy to learn, and it is worth every penny for the beginner...

    There are also plenty of ONLINE tutorials and references that come in handy:::

    If you are just getting started you might want to try WEBMERGE
    THAT is a GREAT tool to get started and requires no programming at all...
    Webmerge is only limited by your imagination and it got me through the first couple of YEARS without any programming knowledge, AND I am still using it on some sites...

    Hope that helps..... and good luck!

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    Thanks addHandler,

    I think i'll make the effort to learn PHP in time, or hopefully get to a point where I can pay someone to handle that side of things for me.. :-)

    But the more I read this forum, the more I suspect knowledge of PHP goes hand in hand with the philosophy of giving the customer something they can't find elsewhere, like a more efficient way to search you products, etc.

    ...and this would also be in line with the "don't follow, innovate" credo, since if your not developing your own ideas, but rather using existing functionality and apps, you're too late.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    - Steve

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    Thanks for the book recommendation, AddHandler
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    It's helpful for modificaitons
    PHP & MySQL are helpful to know if for example, you want to insert Google AdSense Code into specific places on your web page or blog. In wordpress for example, you can edit each page's PHP and put the code exactly where it needs to be in order to have a litle button inthe corner of a post, or a banner across the top (or bottom).

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    Helpful (in some/most areas), yes. Essential, no.

    I've been full time in affiliate marketing for over 7 years. I've never used PHP. I didn't start using MySQL until about 4 years ago.

    I know other highly successful affiliates who have absolutely no technical skills. Some rely on outsourcing. Others run sites where they don't need any technical skills.

    Much more important than PHP and MySQL knowledge are a good idea and determination. Programming skills can help. Marketing skills can help. But neither are absolutely essential, IMHO.

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