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    MSN Messenger - Beware
    Beware there is some sort of virus attacking MSN Messenger. You may get nasty or pornographic messages from people you know who obviously would not send any of those type of files.

    We have been receiving these IM's all morning and so are many associates we spoke to. First time I have seen a virus on MSN Messenger so beware.

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    Thanks for the warning.
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    Just upgraded today to the new version of Trend Micro, which says it can also scan chat.
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    There are several friends from whom I'd accept those messages. But I get your point
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    Thanks, I received an IM from someone new this morning claiming he was a call center rep promoting his service from India. That was strange as I never get those. I replied and told him ok, thanks for info then he replied with 'where are you and what do you do? That was my clue to stay away and not reply and hit the remove from IM button.

    > Trend Micro

    Yes, TM is great been using it long time.....

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