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Post the new $5 off $95 affiliate general coupon offer on your site now to improve conversion and August sales! Don't forget, the August New Sales Contest for 1-800 CONTACTS is in full force (see below for more information).

Here are the coupon details:
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$5 off orders of $95 or more
New customers
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Start: 08/07/2007 (today!)
Expires: 08/29/2007
Text link in CJ: 10412099

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REMINDER: August New Sales Contest Details: Earn bonuses of $50 to $500!
If your July NEW
orders were:
Tier 1 0-10
Tier 2 11-20
Tier 3 21-50
Tier 4 51-100
Tier 5 100+

Your bonus goal
for August NEW orders is:
Tier 1 13-24
Tier 2 25-62
Tier 3 63-124
Tier 4 125-224
Tier 5 375+

1-Time Bonus for
NEW customer orders:
Tier 1 $50
Tier 2 $75
Tier 3 $190
Tier 4 $375
Tier 5 $500

Contest Rules: For every tier increase, we will award the corresponding bonus for new orders only. For example, if you had 7 new orders in July and 15 in August, you would receive your regular commission according to our commission structure, PLUS an additional $50. Or even better, if you had 7 new orders in July and then 31 in August, you’d receive your regular commission, PLUS $50 AND $75 for going up two tiers (That's a $125 bonus)!

Please let me know if you have any questions about other banners, text links, or coupons.

Have a great day and good luck with the contest!

Jessica Faulkner
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