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    A Beginner problems and questions on affiliate marketing..=(
    Hey all,
    i am actually a newbie in affiliate marketing,i start out by joining amazon as a affilliate,and i earn my first profits which is only S$2.80.Haha..infact it is a lost cuz i still have to pay google for advertising.Currently,i join clickbank and starts promoting their products,but it seems like no one clicks on my ads..=( does anyone knows the reason?

    and recently,i do some research on affilliate programs.To my surprise i actually found a handful of affilliate programs that said will help me generate lots of income(as in few thousands per mth).So may i know which of these programs are real and which are spams?and do these programs suitable for beginners like me?I got two of these product that i want to buy and sign up.One is wealthy affiliiate that require me to sign up,and the other is keyword elite that require me to buy.Does anyone heard of these two?May i know how actually this two works and does it useful for beginner like me.

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    Dig around here and you'll find a lot those answers. Generally, if they say it's easy to make 1000's per month, it's spam. But, there are plenty of programs that have forums here where it's very possible.
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    You should not spend money on this type of scheme. You can learn all you need to succeed in affiliate marketing for free, on aBestWeb.

    Read as much as you can in the affiliate academy and other forums and use the search button to research specific questions.

    Welcome to aBestWeb and good luck.

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    Lee, your strategy is "rational, but unlikely to succeed." I wrote an article (assisted by feedback here on ABW) to try to explain why most people who buy AdWords ads to promote affiliate merchants DON'T make money:

    On the topic of "paying" or "buying" to participate in an affiliate program that is supposed to make you money -- why would they charge you, if they are going to share in your profits? Oh, wow, maybe it's because they know you WON'T make money, and their primary source of profits is the fee that unwitting "affiliates" pay.

    I first wrote this 11 years ago (though I'm sure others said the same thing many times before me): "Never, ever pay to join any affiliate program, or any scheme that promises to help you make money."

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    Thank you Mark, you just answered one of my questions in my first ever post on this forum too, thank you for that tip, appreciated.

    Btw Happy Birthday, I saw (I think) somewhere down below, that it's your birthday today, so I hope you have a most splendid day.

    I too know a Welch, although her name is Carol, any relation?

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    Good post Mark. Logical and concise as usual.
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    When I was an affiliate, I had no luck with ClickBank products (few do). I'm not bashing any of the merchants there but the majority seem to be scams- or at least quickly thrown-together ebooks designed to do nothing but make the company some quick cash. Very few are reputable.

    It seems that most newbie affiliates start with ClickBank since most of the ebooks which target newbie affiliates suggest they start there (and even urge them to promote the ebook they just purchased from them).

    I would possibly try to get away from ClickBank and go for affiliate networks that host brick and mortar stores with tangible products.

    Just a suggestion.

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    I couldn't agree more.

    I was one of those that started out with promoting ClickBank products and had 0 success with them.

    As I started reading more and more you discover that sticking with the names that people are familiar with get you further than a couple of e-books from ClickBank. Again there are some that make great money with CB, I am just not one of them.

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    I'm promoting CB products and it works well. I didn't use Google Adwords. I'm using free advertising like articles and forum.

    Send them to your opt-in page, then promote many affiliates products to your list and give them some tips every 2-3 days.

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    Many newbies are quick to open their wallets and start spending for advertising, program costs, etc. (I know I was), but what I've learned is that the only legit programs are free and the best forms of advertising as free as well. If I could replicate my viral campaigns a million times I would.

    I would sit back, read aBestWeb as much as you can and learn as much as you can, and then start out small. A small website with an attractive design and some well-written content. Test the conversion, and slowly expand over time. You'll be making $500+ a month in PROFIT before you know it!

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