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    3 ways to spice up your blog
    I was reading this article " 3 ways to spice up any blog post" and I found It very useful so I wanted to share some tips with you!

    1) Use language that will appeal to people's senses.
    Through the use of imagery, youíre painting a more complete picture in the readerís mind, which practically guarantees a higher level of engagement.

    2) Employ High Impact Wording.
    Simple words are the rule, but your thesaurus can help you sprinkle potent and distinctive exceptions throughout your writing. High impact words and phrases keep your reader engrossed via vibrant and vigorous language.

    3) Be Entertaining.
    Coming up with an entertaining angle, using interesting language and making knowing references will always be a hit with your readers.

    Over time, youíll find which techniques work for you. While youíll always want to keep pushing your boundaries, a writer who is comfortable and confident in her own style naturally ends up an effective writer.

    Here's the link to the rest of the article in detail if you'd like to read any further:

    Happy Blogging
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    These tips can also be applied to making posts on a forum.

    Still, there's always next time.

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    What was wrong...
    Still, there's always next time?

    Any point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JosephRatliff
    Still, there's always next time?

    Any point?
    I think maybe the point is number 4): Be original and write your own thoughts in your own words.

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