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    help with clickbank
    Hello i've only had my website for a couple of months.I have written an ebook on weight loss which i sell on my site using paypal.I would really really appreciate some advice,and i really mean that.I looked at clickbank and you must excuse me for being slow witted,but i'm a bit confused on how to set up a thank you page,i mean do i use the one i have with paypal? or do i need a new one nd if so how do i go about it?
    I'm rally new at all this nd i need someone to hold my hand and take me though it.Slowly i might add.I want to be able to have others sell my book for a cut so please flood me with advice and i wil be eternally grateful.Bear in mind that you should try to explain thngs to me as if i were a 10 year old.

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    Hi there. The first thing to do is use the SEARCH function and see what you turn up there. I'm not sure that there's a ton of stuff on ABW about ebooks but it should be a start.

    I wish I could help you but I've never sold an ebook.

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