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    Advanced PPC-ers, Check This Out.
    PPC Experts...This is for You...

    Would you consider yourself a bit of an expert in PPC?

    How would you like to pit your skills against another heavyweight from alternate discipline?
    How would you like to participate in a unique experiment / case study?

    This is about the eXchange eXperiment, an investigation into the power of the multiplier effect when top minds and top marketers work together.

    (What's In It For Me/You?)

    Exclusive rights to market some new products over a period with, of course, aggressive earnings attached.

    Build your notoriety and credibility.

    Network with the big dawgs.

    If you are interested, check out this site (spam) (it wont even try to sell you anything ) then get back to me and we can talk in more detail...
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    jacked by sylon

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    Uh ohhhh hahah

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    Hate to burst your 2.0 bubble mentality, but no PPC group grope of internet traffic will generate better conversion ratios then generated by direct type-in or natural SERP traffic.

    All traffic manipulation/influencing schemes are based upon the premise "paid placement" will trump end-user choice... IF it floods a site with enough EyeBalls. The real NET result is to pad the pockets of those charging for EyeBalls regardless if they're real buyers, or even real people.

    The Google Adwords and G-Analytics Staff cannot explain away the fact that PPC traffic converts at 1/10th the ratio of natural SERP, Google PPA, Bookmark, selective e-mail, and direct type-in traffic for any of my ecommerce clients. To their credit Google will not do evil to my client's natural traffic... if my clients do no evil to generate that traffic. They know and understand my tagline and realize loyal Googlers don't take kindly to traffic manipulators... paid or otherwise. Google knows the click landing page rules.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    "Build your notoriety and credibility."

    Way to go DUDE

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