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    Another FTC Probe of ValueClick (VCLK)
    In their 10-Q filing released yesterday, VCLK discloses a second probe underway by the FTC. The disclosure is on page 41 of the filing:
    On July 9, 2007, the Company received a letter from the FTC stating that the FTC is conducting an inquiry regarding advertising claims made by the Company's customers who offer anti-spyware programs and the dissemination of such advertising. Specifically, the FTC is investigating whether the Company or others engaged in unfair or deceptive acts or practices in violation of the FTC Act. The company is not aware of any violations of the FTC Act relating to its dissemination of advertising relating to anti-spyware programs. As this matter is not a formal lawsuit, the Company is cooperating with the FTC's request on a voluntary basis. The Company believes that a loss in this matter is remote.
    I wonder which anti-spyware application is at issue here.

    Also sounds vaguely the impression it is their advertisers and VCLK isn't at fault. Where have I heard that one before coming from VCLK?

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    Ms B. I'm sure your well aware of the fact the majority of Anti-Spyware/Adware applications are just bogus fronts for the actual BHO's. What better way for the commission thieves, WWW cybercriminal element, infestation fee wanks, and the CC & privacy info peddlers then to operate a falsefront Anti- whatever program.

    Every infested system I have to scrub has a bunch of bogus anti- whatever programs on them, where the scheme is to detect and then require 29.95 to remove even the false positives. Hope the FTP and FBI planted some credit card #s and trace how they get sold to the russian mob and other bad actors via these phoney programs. Any and all FREE scan programs run through affiliate networks with "security alert banners" and Windows messenger spams are BOGUS.

    Microsoft OneCare and the Sunbelt packages at least don't block and leave the legit affiliate cookies in place. Ad-aware -SpyBot S&D and Zonealarm all work as advertised... but destroy legit affiliate earnings on the default installs. Only the indy tracking cookies get unscathed as the bad actors run-a-muck on all the major networks and CPA hybreds..
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    VCLK isn't at fault
    I didn't rob the bank! I'm just the getaway driver LOL!
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