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    June 7th, 2006
    Something Interesting... Google Business Representative
    Seems that google is gonna try to get REAL detailed with their google maps. They are looking for Google Business Reps to gather information.

    Here is the link:

    Apparently you go to stores and gather operational hours, payments accepted, etc and you get paid $10 per store.


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    June 6th, 2007
    Hmm, that is really interesting.

    Scares me though how much information Google collects form all of its services about individuals and businesses. If they almalgamated it all for one person, thay could probably clone them... Hehe

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    I think it'll be more college kids doing this for some extra money or others looking for a little money. Good idea for Google and the people who use Google maps, more information. I think they should pay more

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    June 7th, 2006
    I also think it will help a lot of local community businesses. Seems that google is trying to compete with the yellow pages.

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