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    PPC the dream
    I just craked the 2k a month on the seo "chump change compared to some of u guys"

    but i hear the real money is ppc, iv herd about people investing 10g and in a week getting an ROI of 5g off this and this repeats, has any one els herd of such things, its easy to see becsuse of somthing like hosting leads or insurance leads.

    Seems like the trick is finding those magic keywords that convert well.
    Any hints on prodcuts or services that convert well or stories of sucess on the ppc game

    Thanks again


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    My tip for PPC, look for products people need and keywords that have little competition. Yeah, that doesn't explain much and is rather simple. But if you want to get in to PPC, from what I've learned, you should try to start small and with cheaper keywords, because PPC can get expensive really quick if you are new to it and are unsure of what you are doing.

    Although, I haven't made a single sale in PPC yet, so my advice might be bad.

    Instead use the search function and search for PPC, and do a lot of reading. You'll learn a lot about it.

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