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    June 21st, 2007
    Any one else having problems with and SID reporting changed their creatives. we first had issues with it picking up the sid and now it picks it up, but adds a few extra characters. Anyone else having issues?

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    Wouldn't know, dropped them a while back. No point sending traffic to a site that shows the visitor the same product they came to purchase is available through other stores, cheaper, which causes me to lose the commission, and even does it through a link I could have posted myself.

    I wouldn't mess with fixing it, I'd just replace it. You are sending traffic to your own competition. They are almost as bad as a parasite, except they put their BS right up front where you can see it.
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    February 14th, 2007
    works for me. (I switched to the new links)
    But I don't actively promote them anymore either..

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    Yea, is taking the Macys approach (anyone remember Miracle on 34th street?).

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    All of my SID's are starting with %2C . I had to trim my strings as I read my daily reports. No, I didn't report it to I guess it was just easier for me to fix it on my end that bother with the e-mail...
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    you probably have a comma htmlencoded at the beginning of your sid.

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