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    Maybe this question is for merchants. I was just wondering what time of day is best to send out newsletters. If anybody has any stats on this, when people are most likely to read a newsletter, and buy something. Is it better to send out in morning or after dinner time. Do people tend to buy more at work or at home. I read an article on this awhile back but don't rememeber. Thanks

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    We tend to find these days as listed:

    Mon: Bad all together.
    Tue: Good read, bad clicks, very low sales.
    Wed: Good read, low clicks, very low sales.
    Thu: Low read, high clicks, medium sales.
    Fri: High read, best click through ratios and purchases.

    We do early morning send offs for fridays promo's. Clicks go thru weekend period.

    We don't normally do weekend sends unless special promotion.

    Hope that helps. Team

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    I have had good results sending one out late Tuesday night ready for reading all day Wednesday.

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    I heard that thrusday afternoon around 1-2 is the best time to send a newsletter...

    All the office guys will be browsing in a relaxed mood after lunch...a perfect time to pitch your sale

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    The answer depends on who you're targeting. Office workers? Mums? College kids?

    The only constant seems to be that Monday's are not good - people too busy starting the week or ploughing through the weekend's spam.

    You also need to take into account that readers are often in different time zones...

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    4,597 Team I'm just the opposite, I think It needs to find out who your targeting. My best is either on Mondays or Tuesdays, Traffic Drops about 50% for me on the weekends.

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