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    Walmart invests in Facebook Group but not Affiliates
    I apologize in advance to Randy and Mike with the Walmart affiliate team, but something has to be said about this.

    Walmart just recently invested in a Facebook Group for back to school. Now what gets me here is Facebook groups aren't cheap. In fact they're very expensive, at least $150,000 for 3 months, according to this out of date rate card.

    Now why is Walmart trying this again? They apparently failed at this last year with a similar MySpace experiment. And most importantly why did they just spend $150k+ on a Facebook group instead of re-instating our affiliate commissions? Currently they've got about 160 members signed up to this group. Sure hope these users are worth $1k each...

    - Scott
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    Good point Scott.

    However, in these scenarios affiliates are always at the bottom of the pecking order. The marketers/agencies determine where the $$$s are spent - and they don't have much love for affiliates.

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